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Performance Support and the modern workforce

Here is the link to Performance Support and the modern workforce as discussed in my presentation.  This software is a great step forward in just-in-time learning. Advertisements

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Peer review of my proposal

The peer review for the second assignment provided an opportunity to explore the collaborative nature of Design Based Research (DBR) to solve real problems (Reeves, Herrington, & Oliver, 2004).   My plan to gain peer review also aimed to allow flexibility … Continue reading

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An update on using NGL principles for peer review

Thanks to all who have had a read and have taken the time to provide feedback on my proposal to date.  If anybody requires some extra eyes to go over their work please yell out  and I’d be happy to … Continue reading

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How can NGL principles be used to support ERP implementations? – I’d love some candid and constructive feedback!!

Hi all, here’s the link to my Google Doc.  I’d love some feedback. cheers, Paul

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Seeking feedback

Hi all, I’m after some feedback on my research proposal. Like Brendan’s approach, I’m going to use Google Docs as well as my blog.  I have already added some initial ideas to my blog, which, through an iterative approach will be tested and refined … Continue reading

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A Case Study on Click Connect and Coalesce for NGOs: Exploring the Intersection Between Online Networks, CoPs, and Events

-Bellanet is a Canadian NGO working with the development community to increase collaboration by providing advice and assistance on making more effective use of ICTs -They started with an email list – KM for Dev (Knowledge Management for International Development … Continue reading

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Design-based research question

Hi all, I’m chewing through some ideas around my research question. In my current work as a training manager I have discovered a problem when it comes to the transfer of knowledge from experts to end users in technology implementations. … Continue reading

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