An update on using NGL principles for peer review

Thanks to all who have had a read and have taken the time to provide feedback on my proposal to date.  If anybody requires some extra eyes to go over their work please yell out  and I’d be happy to help – I think the more we get involved with each other’s work the better we will all be for it.

I also had a little success by putting a link through my LinkedIn page – well only one comment so far but I rate that as successful!   It’s actually a little like fishing – trying to find the right bait.  I also have linked my LinkedIn to my twitter account (which I very rarely use) so hopefully that will generate a few responses.




About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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7 Responses to An update on using NGL principles for peer review

  1. leishasmyth says:

    Hi Paul,
    That’s fantastic you had gained helpful feedback. If you have a chance, would you mind having a quick look at mine? I’d really appreciate your input!!


  2. Paul Size says:

    Done. If you need anything else – yell out


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  4. Hi Paul, if you read the Google Doc version which is obviously a work in progress, you may find my role as “bad cop” with a few queries and “good cop” with earnest feedback;
    (1) The quality of the issue in terms of its significance both personally and more broadly to the context and the broader educational community. 4/5 (question re access to information, is information accessible to all? or some viz. via intranet?)
    Does the literature review provide a sufficient basis in terms of theoretical and contextual considerations? 5/5
    Does the proposal and its impacts make sense in terms of the context and the literature? Is it well argued? 4/5 (question re the blog approach – i.e. who’s the boss?)
    The quality of the academic writing and other standards (Per the Rubric) 5/5
    Philip Wong


  5. debliriges says:

    Hi Paul, if you happen to have time to look over my draft 2 proposal it would be much appreciated.


  6. debliriges says:

    Thanks for providing comments on my proposal Paul, much appreciated – I have responded to your comments on the Google doc.
    Best wishes


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