Seeking feedback

Hi all,

I’m after some feedback on my research proposal.

Like Brendan’s approach, I’m going to use Google Docs as well as my blog.  I have already added some initial ideas to my blog, which, through an iterative approach will be tested and refined as I go along.  The idea is to use an approach that is grounded in characteristics of design-based research: ‘Pragmatic, Grounded, Interactive, iterative and flexible, Integratvie and Contextual.’ (Wang and Hannafin, 2005).

This week I aim to link up my Google Doc – it would be great if I could get some feedback on that when it arrives.

To get started and to give some idea about where I am heading I have listed below the problem and some research questions.

Statement of problem

  • Knowledge transfer is recognised as an important success factor in IT implementations (Gallivan, Spilter and Koufaris, 2004; Hines and Goodhue, 2003; Karlsen and Gottschalk, 2004).  The problem is that knowledge is lost during the transfer from consultants or experts to the final users of the ERP system during its implementation.

Research questions

  • How can NGL be used to support knowledge between the client and consultants regarding business needs and process the system should support?
  • How can NGL be used to support the client in how the IT solution works?
  • How can NGL be used to ensure end users are not only supported but can build their competency in using new software?

thanks for reading.


About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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11 Responses to Seeking feedback

  1. Hi Paul,

    I think your statement of the problem hits it on the mark as I can see it certainly being an issue within IT. I will be happy to provide feedback in your google doc.

    I’ll back track to your initial blog as I did read it but was boggled with work at the time. 🙂



  2. debliriges says:

    Hi Paul
    Have you identified any aspects of NGL that you think might be useful to utilise – or are you still casting a broad net? I will try to provide feedback to your document when it becomes available. The only experience I can call on is from my work within Learning Environments & Media and also Learning & Teaching Services at USQ. The problem you are addressing sounds quite familiar to the challenges faced when introducing new technology or upgrades at USQ.
    Our project team has just released a new updated ‘eLearning environments’ support site for teaching and professional staff, to provide them with information about using eLearning tools in the teaching environment. The project took about 12 months and I am happy to share my experiences if you think this may be helpful to your work.


    • Paul Size says:

      Hi Deb,

      I’d love to hear your experience about the USQ upgrade – it sounds like something that would really help. From an NGL perspective, I think it’s going to be about providing the right tools so that end users have a means to connect with each other and with those who can help in the moment of need.

      I should have my google doc ready later this week – I’d love your feedback.

      thanks again,



      • Hi Paul,

        I am very keen to provide feedback but when I read through your area, as I needed to google what is the ERP system. I then watched a Youtube video and realised that you’re in an area that is highly complex.

        I will try my best but it sounds like Deb will be of much more help. 🙂



    • Paul Size says:

      Hi Deb, I’ve posted my Google Doc up – is there any chance you can take a look? Regards,



      • debliriges says:

        Hi Paul, sincere apologies for not providing any feedback yet – I’ve had a really unfortunate and unexpected run of events happening in the past week which has disrupted my plans! Will try to provide some feedback within the next 24 hours.


  3. debliriges says:

    Hi Paul
    Have provided some feedback on your Google doc, so hope that assists you in some small way.
    Thanks for your feedback to my post, I’ll respond soon.


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