Design-based research question

Hi all,

I’m chewing through some ideas around my research question.

In my current work as a training manager I have discovered a problem when it comes to the transfer of knowledge from experts to end users in technology implementations.   I have been working with implementation and technology development teams for the last twelve months and when it comes to transfering knowledge from them as subject matter experts to end users it has not been a simple ride.  We have used a variety of tools and strategies to get the knowledge out there but what I’m interested in is how to give people the tools so that they can learn from each other.  This not only reduces the dependence upon the business to provide top-down knowledge transfer but it changes the knowledge ownership equation.

So in terms of my research question, here are some possibilities;

1.  How can NGL be used in the design and implementation of a ERP learning strategy to imbed and support knowledge transfer to end users?

2.  How can NGL be used to support technology rollouts?

3.  How can NGL be used to support the development of Communities of Practice in ERP rollouts?

Any thoughts would be welcome.



About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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3 Responses to Design-based research question

  1. David Jones says:

    Paul, Perhaps I’m reading this with my own lenses/prejudices to the fore, but your issues sound very much like those that I’m thinking about in terms of the LMS. In higher ed there’s been lots of complains about lack of quality use of the LMS (e.g. Moodle at USQ). The LMS can be seen as an example of an enterprise system. My theory is that the mindsets underpinning enterprise systems are not conducive to learning. Hence the need to draw in some mindsets that are more appropriate and feed them into the enterprise mindset. The DBR sample paper I cite in the last week’s material is an example of this. David.


  2. Paul Size says:

    Hi David, sorry for the late reply. I think you are spot on regarding the mindsets and enterprise systems. That has been my experience to date.


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