Navigating NGL is like going to the amusement park for the first time…

I laughed as I read Mari’s post about writing the essays.  I too, am starting to find myself waking up thinking about blogging and wondering how I am going to unravel another learning layer on my journey to understanding how to learn what it takes to create an engaging online environment for people to create a community.

Mari mentions Keith Brennan’s post  so I had decided to make one more click and was whisked away to another page full of yet again new material to absorb.  I quickly became lost in the material, which by the way, is happening more and more these days, and got thinking about the novice experience.

Keith talks says,

‘Motivation is the engine of effort and the sense of self is the ticking heart of motivation.’

In thinking about learning in low risk environments I couldn’t help but wonder where success and failure fall on the connectivist continuum?  How do technology and learning novices go about to build foundation of confidence which is critical to move forward in experiencing the world of NGL?

In thinking about creating a place where people are willing to share, connect and learn it clearly comes down to motivation and the user experience.   However, as we know, what motivates me may motivate you and vice versa.  In working on assignment 1 I’m finding that it’s a balance between quantity and quality.  How can I produce quality blogs, engage with my colleagues and find time to live outside the NGL world?

As Deb says in her post about Blogging about blogging, trying to find time cover all blogs is becoming increasingly more difficult.  It’s a bit like going to an amusement park with the kids for their first time knowing you have only 2 hours to give them a great experience.  How do you do this?  What rides do you choose?  Do you go for the favourites, the classics that provide a nice view of the park, the ones that have the shortest queues or the ones that will guarantee they feel sick every time they look at a ride for the rest of their lives?

drayton_shockwave by thecrypt, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  thecrypt 

So I guess as Keith Brennan says,

‘Connectivism’s mistakes have already been made. We have a  history of knowledge and experience to draw on. Technology and ideological elation do not relieve us of our responsibility to apply the hard won past to the overly optimistic present. Learners dictate the shape of theory, and this, as much as in person as online, is the driving force behind what we do, how we design, what experiences we put our participants through.’

So I think its about finding a balance so that we can utilise NGL for networking, collaboration and learning.


About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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