Diversity and tools – me as a teacher

As discussed by Andrew in his post on Diversity of Learning Environments the danger is that we promote a ‘one size fits all approach’ which simply cannot work.  We need to be able to cater for individual needs in being able to provide a range of dynamic and varied activities so that students can leave the experience knowing and learning. 

Although NGL can provide a dynamic learning environment through the use of technology, I still think there is a downside in that those who struggle with technology will miss out.  Technology can play in a role in the future of teaching and learning – the idea of learning and collaboration both locally and globally is pretty exciting stuff.  Also the notion of teaching and learning existing in the social realm make sit possible to move away from siloed education.

It seems that there has never been so many resources out there for teachers to use.  Twitter and Flickr for networking and sharing…who knows what next year will hold.  The article that Andrew posted on schools taking global learning to the next level talks about students becoming internationally minded and becoming ‘true global citizens’. 

In terms of NGL informing my role in helping others achieve this global citizenship, I think its about providing vital skills so that people can be increasingly connected so that people aren’t living in a ‘bubble’ as the article suggests.  Through the use of interational perspectives learners can reflect on their own progress and collaborate on a more personal level.

I like the quote by Steven Mark, director of the International Primary Curriculum

‘To my mind helping kids to get a deepening sense of ‘others’ is absolutely at the heart of what good international, global learning should be about.’

About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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