Connectivism, blogging and fishing – stinky hands, wind burn and sometimes fun!

Laura’s comment on Connecting with NGL made me think about fishing.  From my experience, you can either have a good experience or a horrid experience.  For example, we can sit there in some cold and windy location, try to decide on which hook to use and which bait will be right to catch a type of fish.  We then cast out into the deep dark water;  dimly optimistic that we will be fortunate enough to perhaps get a nibble, or even better, a bite.  But for those of us who are not in the know, what do you do when you get a bite?  Do you reel it in quickly or do you wait just to make sure the fish is locked on?

Some times we are simply unlucky.  We can just sit for hours either on a leaky, rocking boat or on a desolate pierwith winds colder than Antarctica with still no bites, stinky fish hands and a layer of salt covering our face topped with some lovely wind burn – and that’s all we have to show for our adventure.

Other times it can be the trip of our life.  The sun is shining. The water is sparkling.  The fish are sticking their heads out of the water just fighting to jump into your net.  I’ve only had that experience once – it has stayed with me but unfortunately the ‘unlucky’ experiences tend to dominate.

I guess that’s what I don’t like about fishing – the whole idea of sitting there, getting tangled up in fishing line and nothing to take home.  It’s been a bit like blogging in this course – we go through our PKM and then bang out a post hoping that someone may read it and respond, that we may be contributing to the broader community out there…but in fact perhaps nobody will read it at all – except ourselves.

Eleisha’s post on Blogging resonated with me.  It’s a risk to put anything out there.  But I think that unless we risk we don’t grow.  I guess it comes down to practice.  Unless we practice we don’t transform, and through continued practice we are forced to reflect on our experiences, feedback so that hopefully we improve.


About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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