The manifestations of knowledge are at risk and all it took was the touch of a hyperlink.

In looking at the book Too Big to Know that David Weinberger and in reading Annelise’s post I couldn’t help but be amazed at how, led by the internet, knowledge has become more social, mobile, and open then ever before.   The question of what knowledge actually is something I had thought about in last subject on Communities of Practice but it still fascinates me.

Ethan Zuckerman suggests that knowledge as we know it is coming apart and the future is going to be significantly different than what we can even imagine.

‘The manifestations of knowledge are at risk and all it took was the touch of a hyperlink.’  

I like the use of Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s quote,

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, not his own facts.” This is the promise of knowledge: that if we all got together and had an honest conversation, we can eventually come to an agreement. There is knowledge and it can bring us together.” 

It too makes me wonder as to my assumptions on knowledge and what that means in terms of my teaching.  I guess in terms of collaboration and knowledge sharing the role of the teacher means that they have to create that collaborative environment where through collaboration and conflict we test the gold in the crucible where hopefully the knowledge we have agreed upon is true and tested.


About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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