Fin, Noggin’, Duuude! A student’s ride on the NGL super highway.

I really liked reading Mari’s post on a nice sunny afternoon in Melbourne.  Most of you would have seen Finding Nemo but there’s a partiular scene which Mari’s post made me thing of.  It’s where Nemo’s dad meets the turtles in the super current and are told to hang on and off they go…

Well that’s pretty much how I have felt in this course.  I feel that there is so much information that I’m hanging on with one arm trying to blog and with the other trying to read as much relevant material as possible as it flies past me at an incredible rate.  I think as  David suggests that maybe the trick is to have the discipline to find time.

Every day it seems I come across new tools and new ways of linking in with knowledge.  I’m finding that knowledge in a networked world is quite overwhelming unless you are disciplined to only read information that is of use to you.  But how do I determine which information is of use?   That is my dilemma.  In jumping on Feedly every day I kind of cringing wondering how many new posts I’ll find.  I find myself thinking,

‘How am I going to get through all of these and give my fellow students the time their posts deserve so I can both learn from them and gain leverage to write more posts?’  

I really liked this fellow student’s post and really love the line about being a ‘digital refugee’.  My experience has been similar and to quote this post so I’m not reinventing the wheel…

‘The whole process of writing blogs, following blogs, and using on-line management tools to share articles, concepts and thoughts is all very new to me.’


About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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One Response to Fin, Noggin’, Duuude! A student’s ride on the NGL super highway.

  1. Laura says:

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for your comments – and may I return the compliment. I loved your analogy of holding on with one hand, and trying to extract relevant information with the other. I think you have gotten to the key issue there – it is trying to capitalise on the technology to make the most of the resources (and yes, I am including other people in that) available for our own learning.




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