Me as a learner

I was just going through my posts and realised that I didn’t do one on ‘Me as a learner’.

I want to learn how to use NGL to connect with other siblings of people with Cystic Fibrosis in a way where information is shared and a community of practice is developed.


I want to do this because I had a brother 2.5 years older than me with CF.  In 2005 he had a double-lunch transplant and in 2006 he passed away at the age of 35.  Growing up with a brother with CF has profoundly affected the way I think, act and how I interact with the world.

How suited do you think it will be to learning via NGL? 

So far I’m thinking it’s a very good opportunity to learn via NGL.   So far I have seen many examples from around the world where CF support communities have been set up.  Twitter is alive with them and Facebook also has its share.  I’m going to see where NGL differs from your average online group and hopefully something exciting can come from this.


About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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