‘As Teacher’ – Harry Potter Analogy

I love this analogy. Transformational learning with the digital wand.

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Today I was discussing with a colleague the changing role of both teachers and students in our 21st Century classrooms and this was related to a Harry Potter analogy.

He has asked the question ‘Is ICT the ‘Harry Potter’s Wand’ for student learning? Does IT depend on whose hand is using IT and what ‘spells’ are learnt?

Does mastery of ‘the wand’ determine the effectiveness of the educational outcomes or is it rather the ‘sage on the stage’ pedagogical approach of Severus Snape or, rather, the ‘guide on the side’ strategies of Dumbledore?

Or is it the transformational ‘magic’ of the digital culture in which our latter day adolescent ‘educational magicians’ (the Harry, Hermines, Weasleys, etc) are immersed?

In interesting thought and analogy.


 If you get a chance check out the clip above. It made me think of more questions in relation to our current system for students…

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Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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