CLEM and Community

Claire’s post motivated me to have another look at CLEM and community from week 4.  I initially skimmed over it but Claire’s layout provided some food for thought in how I could apply it to my task of find out more about Networks and Communities for Cystic Fibrosis – especially those for siblings.

So how can CLEM’s four components help me focus in my exploration within learning and teaching.  So here goes;

1. Firstly in looking at the concept of Community I have mainly spent the last few weeks trying to get my head around Diigo and WordPress.  Man that has been a struggle. CG’s blogg, The informality of the NGL I have experienced and practiced up until now is clashing with the formality that the current course brings to NGL resonated with me.   As well as this trying to keep up to date with Feedly has been interesting grrrrrrrrr (I think my PKM needs an overhaul).

So  besides all of that and trying to look at NGL and its implications upon my job, I really haven’t spent more than say 5% of the time looking at the part of Assignment 1 when I’m supposed to look at NGL from a learner’s perspective which means for me, trying to learn how to tap into tap into into communities of siblings of with cystic fibrosis.

Today I finally got into my twitter account and searched discovered a plethora of groups and information.   So now I just need to learn how to link WordPress and Twitter – OMG.  So I’m pretty excited about that!!  On a good note, I have started following several of these groups so hopefully this will prove fruitful.  I’m really after some vibrant communities so here goes…

2. Literature – I haven’t gone into literature in too much detail yet but would like to dive into this.  I have searched a couple of topics and found the reading interesting but it hasn’t provided many fruits as yet.  I aim to do some more research, when I have time, on using NGL to assist siblings of kids with terminal illnesses.

3. I have found a few examples on YouTube – here are a couple.

watch this space…



About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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