The lolli-pop man and the Tour de France

I liked Musett’s blog from walking to running.   I especially liked the idea of going to Google to get the ball going.  However, although kids these days seem to be able to access information too easily I wonder if we actually had the advantage in that we had to be quite resourceful and innovative in getting things off the ground.  

I’m trying to get my head around how I take my experience as a sibling with a brother who had cystic fibrosis and do something useful with that.  How can I make my tacit knowledge explicit and direct that somewhere where others can hopefully benefit from it?

In thinking about this I wonder how much experience and information is just sitting there dormant, doing nothing in particular and wasted?   In a recent experience this year, I learned that my local primary school’s lolli-pop-guy is a cycling – Tour de France nutta.  A retired gentleman who lives alone he spends most of his spare time, of which he has a lot, cycling, fixing bikes and living out in his back room building racing bikes from scratch.  Oh, he also picks bikes up off hard rubbish dumps and refurbishes them and gives them away.  He has so much experience and he is so eager to talk about it and share his passion.  

When I talk to him the years seem to fall away and this bubbling bundle of energy floats to the surface.  We are at the point now that he is training my sons for the The Great Victorian Bike Ride (over 500km of sore buttocks coming up).  He is happy – feels valued and my boys are learning skills that YouTube can’t provide.

Route Map

About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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