1 minute paper – EDU8117

So far the most significant things I have learned from my brief exposure to NGL is about the building of knowledge through situated learning and communities of practice.  For me the idea of learning through a community is very powerful and exciting.  Through the sharing of knowledge, boundaries disappear and through inclusivity we have the possibility of growing as individuals.  I think the link between social engagement, participation and learning is something for me to consider further.  Furthermore, the idea of learning and identity construction through a social environment is something I want to think about more throughout the course.

Another thing that also stands out is the impact of social media on learning and how social constructivism impacts upon the learning process within NGL.  As knowledge is created through collaboration and individual participation NGL poses many possibilities.  For me the question is whether social media will guide the future of learning or will learning shape social media?  And is there a limit to this style of learning can and will go?



How far away from Matrix Learning are we?


About Paul Size

Currently studying a Masters in Learning and Development at the University of Southern Queensland.
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